Die Geschichte des k.u.k. Wirtshaus in Weißkirchen

The history oft he k. and k. inn has been occuoied for almost years.This time honored house is located in the Judenburgerstrasse in Weißkirchen in Styria. Christian
Windisch built it anno domini in 1570.About 45 years beforethe construction oft he restaurant, the hungarian king had been killed in the struggle against the Turks. The Habsburg-Donaumonarchie was born.

But the restaurant in and Weißkirchen has witnessed other world moving events. It survived the Thirty years war between 1618 and 1648, and the Turks came around 1663 to besiege Vieanna, and again in 1683. Meanwhile, the Hungarians had allied themselves with them, remembered
today the half moon shaped sign to this time… 

In 1697, Prince Eugene of Savoy finally defeated the Turks and received many territories fort he Donaumonarchy. In 1700 the widow of one oft he generals bought the inn and sold it to Jakob Prandstetter in 1718. While the Donaumonarchy under Charles VI experienced the greatest expansionand whose daughter Maria Theresia made a modern state from Austria-Hungary.

In 1827 came the possession of Michael Doppelhofer. In 1911 the restaurant changed ist owner several times, while in Vienna the emperor resided. During the first world war, the operation continued and from 1938 to 1958, the municipal office of Weißkirchen was accomodated on the first floor. Wehen another ill-fated war passed, 1946 Engelbert and

Maria Feeberger are on the house and run their own business. Maria and Fritz Stölzl take over the property in 1974 and build the „Festsaal“ in 1978. Since 1989 daughter Erika and her husband have run the inn.

k.u.k. Wirtshaus
Judenburgerstraße 13
Weißkirchen, Steiermark 8741


Monday - Tuesday Closed

Wednesday - Saturday 10:30 - 14:30 17:30 - 23:00

Sunday 11:00 - 18:00